Who We Are

Chef Nadine is a Nutrition Maintenance Champion for the under-served in her community!

Chef Nadine is growing her business and redefining her brand. She has recently launched Nutrition Synergies LLC, in an effort to merge her consulting work with a fresh, local, and delicious product line, designed to provide nutrition rich solutions to the entire family. This business sprang from the Union Kitchen in the NoMa district of Washington D.C.

Satisfying Solutions Menu Development was created so that those of us, who have had to struggle with the delicate balance of nutrition and health, could find a way to educate ourselves on proper nutrition, and learn how to apply what we have learned in our home food preparations. The creator and founder of Satisfying Solutions is Nadine Bailey-Joyner. She is a personal chef, and nutritional adviser.

She holds degrees in Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Nutrition Consulting, and an MBA. After overcoming personal issues with obesity and ill health by adjusting her diet and reformulating recipes, she realized that people from every walk of life shared the same struggles that she faced. Her crusade became to reach the masses, one recipe at a time, in an attempt to create a healthier culinary culture.

Chef Nadine works hands on with families; particularly seniors and lower income residents in the Washington DC metropolitan area. She provides chef instruction and nutritional advice to many single participants and other families on incorporating fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome foods into their daily nutrition. The end result will be families empowered to have a positive impact on their better health via better nutrition in preparing healthy meals at home.

Nutrients energy
Fuel for the marathon of existence
Whether or not your dreams include weight control, well being and ailment prevention or gold standard sports overall performance, nutrients strength will paintings with you to create an individualized meal plan that suits your life-style and allows you reach your nutrients and health dreams.
Every of us owes it to ourselves to make proper vitamins and exercising a concern in our busy lives. The registered dietitian nutritionists (rdn’s) at nutrition electricity will help you integrate healthy eating behavior and lifestyle alternatives for an progressed you now and inside the destiny.
We specialize in many areas of vitamins inclusive of:
Weight management
Ingesting issues
Diabetes and gestational diabetes
Clinical nutrition remedy for coronary heart disease, excessive ldl cholesterol, excessive blood strain
Gastrointestinal disorders (ibs, celiac sickness, crohns) and food hypersensitive reactions
Sports overall performance

Meals strength is chemical energy that animals derive from meals via the method of cell respiratory. Mobile respiration might also both involve the chemical reaction of meals molecules with molecular oxygen or the system of reorganizing the meals molecules without additional oxygen

People and other animals need a minimum intake of food power to preserve their metabolism and to drive their muscle groups. Ingredients are composed mainly of carbohydrates, fat, proteins, water, nutrients, and minerals. Carbohydrates, fat, proteins, and water represent definitely all of the weight of meals, with vitamins and minerals making up only a small percent of the burden. (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins comprise ninety percent of the dry weight of meals. Organisms derive meals strength from carbohydrates, fats and proteins in addition to from natural acids, polyols, and ethanol gift in the eating regimen. Some food plan components that offer little or no food energy, inclusive of water, minerals, vitamins, ldl cholesterol, and fiber, may additionally nonetheless be important to fitness and survival for different motives. Water, minerals, nutrients, and ldl cholesterol aren’t damaged down (they’re used by the frame in the form in which they are absorbed) and so can’t be used for strength. Fiber can’t be completely digested by way of most animals, together with people. However, ruminants can extract meals electricity from the respiration of cellulose because of micro organism in their rumens.